Flavors of Cake:

Vanilla Cake
Chocolate Cake
Dark Chocolate Cake
Lemon Cake


Heighten your senses by selecting your favourite filling for your dream wedding cake. Choose from a wide selection of delicious fillings – all made with fresh ingredients:

strawberry shortcake
chocolate lover
white chocolate cream
lemon grove
blueberry bliss
raspberry sorbet
vanilla essence
caramel sundae
fudge brownie
toasted coconut
orange blossom
chai latte

Finishes are what you want on the outside of your cake, covering all the goodness that lies inside. Complete your cake by selecting between buttercream and fondant finishes that please both the eye and the palette.

fondant (recommended)
An elegant confection that covers the cake giving it a perfectly smooth, satiny finish and a simply sweet taste. This high-quality fondant is definitely not chewy or rubbery like others you may have tasted.

A light and creamy icing that isn't too sweet, made with the purest quality ingredients. Cover your wedding cake with a lovely light or ivory tint with pure buttercream, adding a smooth, creamy texture and rich taste. Shalimar Cakes can tint buttercream using all-natural food colouring to perfectly complement the colour scheme and theme of your wedding.




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